On October 13, United States Artists announced the lineup of

Lee Allen
Eclectic wearable metals artist Keri Ataumbi (Kiowa/Italian) came to Santa Fe Indian Market 2014 partnered with another think-outside-the-box fashion artist, Jamie Okuma (Luiseno/S...
Dominique Godreche
Teri Greeves, a Kiowa bead worker originally from the Wind River reservation in Wyoming, remembers being eight years old and asking her mother, for the first time, if she could tak...

A couple things about American Indians, in case you didn't know:

1. There are a lot of them in Oklahoma.

Dominique Godreche
Jackie Larson Bread is a beadworker from the Blackfeet Reservation in Browning, Montana, who currently lives in Great Falls...
Vincent Schilling
For students wanting to show some Native pride in school, here is a list of 10 pretty cool items to show some Native flavor...
AJ Earl
Whether you're Assiniboine, Nʉmʉnʉ, Skokomish or otherwise, you've probably got some beadwork somewhere...

This is the fourth and final profile of a Native designer selected to work with Paul Frank Industries on a collec

Update, June 14: According to a Facebook post today, the missing regalia has been located and returned to Rose Olney Sampson...
Jordan Wright
Crafted from the tanned skins of elk, deer, moose or buffalo, and in colder climates often lined with rabbit fur or sheepskin, moccasins, often accompanied by leggings, are the sta...