Steve Russell
I encountered Arnulfo Guerra’s dachshund in 1973. It had the cheery disposition typical of the breed but was horribly deformed. Most of the dog’s nose was missing...
LaDonna Harris & Samuel Fred Goodhope

I have been working on political revolution since 1968 when I campaigned for Hubert Humphrey. I have always supported presidential candidates who share my values, like Fred Harris, Jesse Jackson, Barry Commoner, Howard Dean and Barack Obama....

Simon Moya-Smith
President Barack Obama on Thursday commuted the sentences of 58 federal prisoners...
Steve Russell

Myth is often more satisfying than truth, and the apocryphal story of two famous novelists is a great example.

F. Scott Fitzgerald is supposed to have said, “The rich are different from us.”...

Tanya H. Lee
Books open worlds for kids, but books can be prohibitively expensive...
Steve Russell

The left coast and the right coast, California and New York, have gotten on board for raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. That has been Bernie Sanders’ position. Hillary Clinton bids $12 an hour. The Economist reported last year that if the U.S....

Julian Cola

Shock and disbelief! Outrage and cryptic denial! Expect a healthy dose of these reactions whenever secrets are revealed and the truth spills out. Reservation, even fear, is known to accompany the admission of truths that cut sharply against a façade of normality molded by sweet apple-pie myths....

Steve Russell
Mr. President and The First Lady are on the cutting edge of reality TV. No, Barack and Michelle have not gone over to the dark side. Mr...
Vincent Schilling
Several hundred invited guests to the South White House lawn watched today as President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama welcomed the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his ...