Dean B. Suagee

From the media coverage of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, one might get the impression that the only real issue is whether its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions would substantially contribute to global warming....

Peter d'Errico

Are you puzzled about the violence of the Islamic State, how killing and torture can be justified by religious doctrines? Have you thought that Muslim violence today echoes Christian violence in the Crusades and the Inquisition?...

Steve Russell

I have too much self-preservation instinct to crash the Iowa Freedom Summit convened by Citizens United (the organization that lends its name to the SCOTUS decision upholding the right of corporate people to spend unlimited political money) and funded by the Koch ...

Steve Russell
Ever been in line at a drive-through and find your tab was paid by somebody in the car in front of you?...
Jacqueline Keeler

This is the speech I wished I'd given on January 13th at a Keystone XL vigil held here in Portland, Oregon—things I wanted to say to President Obama before his State of the Union Address....

Byron Dorgan

In June of this year, President Barack Obama and the First Lady visited the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation in North Dakota. This was ya historic visit....

Steve Russell
Kanye West gave his baby girl only two holiday gifts in addition to her name, North West. She got a $62,000 diamond tiara and a $12,000 replica of dad’s SUV...
Steve Russell

I’ve been watching the chest pounding about the ambush killings of two police officers in New York by a crazy man with a long criminal history.

Who are they saying was responsible?

Anybody who uttered "Hands up! Don't shoot!"...

Steven Newcomb

A discerning eye is critically important when it comes to interpreting statements by the United States regarding our original nations, which are typically called “Indian tribes.” On September 13, 2007, the United States voted “no” on the UN Declaration on the Righ...