Southern Mountain caribou are genetically similar to other caribou, which are known as reindeer in other countries. (Bart George, Kalispel Tribe (2016 census))
Kristin Butler
In 2009, on Kootenai tribal territory in the Idaho Panhandle, the last remaining caribou in the contiguous United States took a severe drop from 46 down to 12 animals...
Dave Courchene Jr., Turtle Lodge
Editor's note: This week Turtle Lodge, the spiritual center in Sagkeeng First Nation in what is today Manitoba, hosted a gathering for the First Nations falling under Treaties One ...
Mary Annette Pember
As the Canadian government officially begins its long-awaited national inquiry on September 1 into the country’s high rates of missing and murdered indigenous women (MMIW), the res...
Denise Ryan/Vancouver Sun
The 14-year-old girl who bumps around in the police wagon is being unceremoniously returned to the Willingdon Industrial School for Girls, a juvenile correctional institute on Vanc...
A picture posted by mother Jennifer Dorner has started yet another conversation about why not to wear costume headdresses...
Carly McIntosh

Imagine every morning having to set a full pot of tap water on your stove and continuing to wait for it to boil just to be able to drink it. As a parent it would be a set demand in your daily schedule....

Carly McIntosh

For many years in Canada Indigenous people have been fighting for human rights and the Government never seems to provide it. Every year is a battle with the Canadian Government on keeping cold cases open in the effort to finding our missing and murdered indigenous women and girls....

Theresa Braine
The Montreal First Peoples’ Festival 2016 edition is in full swing, with perfect weather, expanded offerings, additional venues and new partnerships bringing more aboriginal cultur...
Hans Tammemagi
The Sahtu Dene emerged from Great Bear Lake and have lived perched at its edge since time immemorial, caring for their surroundings and maintaining what Dene legend says is a livin...