Harlan McKosato
Albuquerque was one of many cities in the U.S. to proclaim the second Monday in October Indigenous Peoples’ Day, basically shunning the traditional Columbus Day celebration...
sunrise Ceremony Aztec Dancer
Nanette Deetz
A Sunrise Ceremony was held on Indigenous Peoples’ Day at Alcatraz Island to celebrate “523 years of indigenous resistance, honor our ancestors and future generations,” according t...
Sheena Louise Roetman
Judah Friedlander, a comedian well known for his roles in “30 Rock” and “American Splendor” pointed out the absurdity of Columbus Day recently during a performance at the Comedy Ce...
In response to a multitude of requests in emails and on social media, ICTMN’s Vincent Schilling has created and posted his latest video on his YouTube channel entitled Horrible, Tr...
Indigenous Peoples Day Aztec Dancers
Nanette Deetz
The city of Berkeley, California celebrated the 23rd Annual Indigenous Peoples’ Day Powwow as an official holiday on October 10. Berkeley was the first city in the U.S...
Suzette Brewer
First Light, the new independent documentary film that explores the historic Maine Wabanaki-State Child Welfare Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC), is making its world deb...
Sarah Sunshine Manning
Deceptive. Greedy. Murderer. Racist. Not exactly characteristics of a hero, and certainly not the makings of a man worthy of a national holiday. Jig’s up, America...
Bayard Johnson

I never thought much about Christopher Columbus until I became writing partners with Russell Means, in 1992. Russell had strong feelings about Columbus....

AP Children Explorers Columbus Day Parade 2012
Steve Russell
Alberto Cribiore, the Grand Marshal of this year’s Columbus Day Parade, disappeared about $50 billion of other people’s money without apparent personal inconvenience, since he deca...
Tanya H. Lee
From the Northern Plains to the Southwestern deserts, American Indian groups are working to correct historic falsehoods and demanding acknowledgement of what the “discovery” of thi...