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Vinnie Rotondaro
Scholars say the Doctrine of Discovery holds immense importance in world history...
Steven Newcomb

In 1892, Burke Aaron Hinsdale delivered a commemoration address at the University of Michigan, entitled “The Discovery of America.” The occasion was the 400th year since Columbus’s first historic voyage from Spain to the Caribbean....

Amerrique Mountains
Steve Russell
Schoolchildren are taught that the Americas are named after Amerigo Vespucci, an explorer who came along after Columbus and was the first to understand that he was looking at a “Ne...
Steven Newcomb

When Cristobal Colón made landfall on a sandy beach in the Caribbean, he planted the royal standards (flags) of Castile and Aragon and performed a ceremonial act of “discovery and possession.” The “standards” he planted in the soil were physical flags, but those f...

Teake Zuidema
Twice a year, in July and September, the Mohican Reservation Campground hosts an event that puts Native American culture on center stage: the Great Mohican Pow-Wow...
Conquistadores Fed Dogs Indians
Steve Russell
No historian seriously questions that the European invasion of the Americas resulted in millions of deaths. The serious debate has been how many millions...
Konnie LeMay
It’s unlikely to show up in any American History course in high school, but this country’s past includes many cases of African and Native alliances in the early days of conquest in...
Traverse City Michigan
Traverse City, Michigan has never officially recognized Columbus Day, according to Interlochen Public Radio , but now the city will celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day...
Nina Corpus Christi AP
Steve Russell
Christoforo Columbo, most of us learn only as adults, was not Spanish. He would have been Italian if Italy had existed at the time...
Steve Russell
When Cherokee cowboy Will Rogers said his relatives did not come over on the Mayflower but “we met the boat,” he did not imagine that Europeans and Asians or Christians and Muslims...