Jan Rocha, Climate News Network
Ensuring forest people’s land rights in the Amazon region is a cheap and effective way of cutting both carbon emissions and deforestation, researchers say—but the obstacles are for...
Kieran Cooke, Climate News
For those concerned about the planet’s rising temperature the outlook has just become significantly more worrisome, with President-elect Donald Trump’s climate plans offering littl...
Kieran Cooke, Climate News
Voters who feel good about life—whether it is to do with their job, their marriage or even the success of their sports team—are more likely to support their politicians...
Al Gore
Editor's note: The resistance to the Dakota Access oil pipeline began when the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe resisted plans to rout the pipeline within a half-mile of its current reser...
The director and actor Leonardo DiCaprio has been using his celebrity in the service of raising environmental awareness for some time, be it marching in the People’s Climate March ...
President Barack Obama congratulates Senior Advisor Brian Deese on the first day of the implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate change, in the Oval Office, Oct. 5, 2016. Deese worked with Secretary of State John Kerry and EPA Administrator Gina M
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS —Ten months ago the United States told the world it was ready to do something about climate change. Enough talk. Time to act...
Tim Radford, Climate News
The social and economic impacts of climate change have already begun to take their toll —but most people do not yet know this...
A line to vote? Imagine the potential of adding 2,000, 3,000 people or more voters from the camps at Standing Rock.
Mark Trahant
TRAHANT REPORTS —On social media and in real life we hear this often: “What can I do to help Standing Rock?” Some answer the question by donating money, many send supplies, and hun...
Kieran Cooke, Climate News
A revolution is taking place in the global energy sector, with investments in oil and gas declining by 25 percent in 2015 while energy produced from renewables rose by more than 30...
Indigenous leaders from all over the world together at the International Union for The Conservation of Nation World Conservation Congress in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Maria Clara Valencia
Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, says that despite the importance of protected areas and the recognition of indigen...