Harold Monteau

The entitlement of Native Americans to benefits and services from the United States, as trustee for Indian Persons and Indian Tribes, cannot be terminated without due process of law on the part of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)....

Chase Iron Eyes

Our D/Lakota ancestors Vine Deloria, Jr., and Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman warned us of culture vultures. As Westerman sang:

And the anthros keep on digging our sacred ceremonial sites...

Indigenous People across Turtle Island will put their palms in the air to commence a national advocacy campaign: #stopdisenrollment, beginning today at 2 p.m. PST...
James Mills

Tribes conduct enrollment audits for a variety of reasons. Some conduct them for the right reasons: To clean up their records and to make sure that the errors of the past are not repeated....

Anthony Broadman & Jared Miller

Tribal governments that disenroll members do it for the money. Or at least it appears that way in many cases. Tribal councils who engage in disenrollment turn their members into non-Indians in exchange for a bigger slice of tribal gaming profits....

Gabriel S. Galanda

In Part One, I profiled “the determined and diverse chorus of individuals, organizations, and even a few Native nations,” who in the spring of 2015 raised “substantive challenges to the egre...

Gabriel S. Galanda

Earlier this year, the longtime lone voice against disenrollment, Professor David Wilkins, Lumbee, wro...

Joseph Hamilton

I enjoy a piece of warm frybread as much as anyone.

But I know that this supposedly “traditional” food was first made from U.S. Government commodity lard and flour, and that it’s unhealthy....

Steve Russell
You go to bed one night as an Indian and you wake up assimilated beyond the wildest dreams of Richard Henry “Kill the Indian in him and save the man” Pratt...