Steve Russell
Andrew Jackson was born poor and died wealthy. He was an adamant foe of paper money and a national bank...
Candace Ducheneaux National Catholic Reporter
Vinnie Rotondaro
Candace Ducheneaux, a Lakota Indian with gray-streaked hair and a blunt, feisty spirit, sat down to a metal picnic table at a playground in this dusty, rundown town, one of America...
Steve Russell
PoliTech, a student project at Texas Tech University, conceived a project nicknamed “Politically Challenged” that has been causing great hilarity across social media and has racked...
Charles Kader

Sometimes I get teased about my habit of writing about legendary figures of history and how they got to be that way. Modern heroes still walk among us all today and possibly the best is still yet to come....

John Gulizia of John Gulizia Foto FX specializes in portraits, image restoration, and colorization.

Bryan Brewer

Chief Sitting Bull said, “Let us put our minds together and see what lives we can make for our children.” And, today, as we struggle to provide an education for our children, extend health care to our youth, families, and elders, and provide tribal government services to our Native people, we rel...

Steve Russell
“Indian country” means different things depending on who is saying it, and to whom it is being said...