Tanya H. Lee
The federal Food and Drug Administration failed to meet its responsibility to consult with American Indian tribes as it developed new food safety regulations and, when challenged, ...
First corn, and now salmon. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on November 19 approved genetically modified salmon for human consumption...
A-Dae Romero

The Food Safety Modernization Act was passed by President Obama in 2011. In 2013, the accompanying Federal Drug Administration (FDA) regulations were released. FDA’s regulations articulate sweeping changes in how agricultural businesses and farmer’s grow, produce, and process specific produce....

A-dae Vena Romero

Currently, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing food safety regulations (proposed produce safety rules) on food businesses that will have chilling and devastating effects on tribal food businesses....

Raymond Foxworth

There is a thriving movement in Indian country focused on food sovereignty and increased control of local food systems. Like other assets in Indian country, Native food systems have been colonized, altered and, in some cases, destroyed....

Ruth Hopkins

Welcome to the laboratory-rat cage, folks. We’re all being experimented on by Monsanto and the federal government.

In April, President Barack Obama signed HR 933 into law. While this appropriations bill was fairly standard, a biotech rider included in it was not....