Sheena Louise Roetman
The New York Giants got caught in a flip-flop Thursday evening on Twitter regarding the name of the Washington NFL team...
Harlan McKosato
Mason Fine, a senior quarterback for Locust Grove High School in northeast Oklahoma, learned at an early age that he had something special in his strong right arm...
Cary Rosenbaum
Remember that story about the two Native American siblings who excelled in athletics, making it off the reservation and into the college ranks? Tucker and Jerry Louie-McGee do...
Steve Russell
On the Friday night of October 23, Oklahoma high school football standout and Cherokee Nation citizen Mason Fine frosted the cake on his high school record when he was privileged t...
NFL Hall of Famer Randall McDaniel works with athletes at the Pine Ridge Camp. (Jim Waren photo)
Rodney Harwood
Former Pittsburgh linebacker Marv Kellum, who grew up on a farm in south central Kansas, had a heartwarming experience as a guest football camp coach on the Seneca reservation in u...
NFL Hall of Famer Randall McDaniel works with athlets at the Pine Ridge Camp. (Jim Waren photo)
Rodney Harwood
Randall McDaniel stood on the wind-swept South Dakota prairie taking it all in. The streamers fluttered against the fence surrounding the cemetery...
Kiowa quarterback Kendal Thompson
Rodney Harwood
Utah quarterback Kendal Thompson (Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma) knows the value of Indian Time, walking with humility, facing all challenges, patience and preparation for when his time ...
Rodney Harwood
For the first time since 1896, Haskell Indian Nations University will not field a football team...
The “Bring Jim Thorpe Home” campaign launched Wednesday after lawyers for Thorpe’s sons petitioned the U.S...
Last Sunday, we looked at an interesting perspective on the rise of football in the late 19th century: "Was American Football Invented Because of The End of The Indian Wars?" The t...