Richard Walker
The voting deadline was in an hour, and Debora Juarez was herding her family to head out to her election night event at the Seattle Drum School of Music, ready to accept whatever v...
Industrial Boarding School Puyallup Reservation
Richard Walker
“If it be admitted that education affords the true solution to the Indian problem, then it must be admitted that the boarding school is the very key to the situation,” Indian Schoo...
Richard Walker
In Brian Cladoosby’s term as president of the National Congress of American Indians, the organization has worked to end the era of harmful Native American mascots; partnered with o...
Steve Russell
The New Buffalo took its first shaky steps on February 25, 1987, when the U.S...
Richard Walker
Washington State and Snohomish County officials contend they have the authority to tax business transactions conducted by non-Indians on Indian land, including the Tulalip Tribes m...
Gale Courey Toensing
Native American attorneys often feel invisible and that their experiences are not valid or real, according to a ground-breaking study by the National Native American Bar Associatio...
Heather Steinberger
On Friday, March 27, a jury in the U.S. District Court of South Dakota ruled against Vern R...
Heather Steinberger
The world might finally find out what really happened to Vern R. Traversie...
Heather Steinberger
Two and a half years ago, something happened to Vern Traversie...

Turtle Island became crestfallen on May 5 as news spread that the iconic tribal rights and sovereignty leader often v