Steve Russell

I expect Utah is as much a cesspool of corruption as Texas, because that happens in one party states. This is not a partisan comment directed at Republican Utah....

Oliver B. Barker

I wandered into a very serious conversation recently with a few of my compatriots re: whether or not a Native American candidate for the American presidency would suffer the same fate as JFK....

Steve Russell

Texas senator Ted Cruz thinks he is one of the principal contenders for the Republican nomination to be the next President. He represents the Tea Party wing of the GOP, a source of much craziness and pretty much all of the current Washington gridlock....

Mark Trahant
Are House Republicans about to begin a Native American voter initiative?...
Harold Monteau

In the 2012 Elections the GOP allowed itself to be led down a path that was based on a strategy that white people could be galvanized to vote Republican if they could be convinced that America was coming under the control of minorities, gays and foreigners....

Mark Trahant
An omission: Yesterday I reported that Rep. Tom Cole was much less visible at the Republican Convention in Tampa than he was in St. Paul four years ago...
Rob Capriccioso
WASHINGTON – The leadership of the Republican National Committee (RNC) has ratified a platform on American Indian policy as part of the Republican National Convention, currently ta...
Simon Moya-Smith

No right-wing GOP chubby-belly apologist would dare attempt to persuade civil rights activist Al Sharpton into believing that black-faced caricatures of young African Americans, clad in ripped overalls and Afros, are not disrespectful....

Just hours before the South Carolina debate, Texas Governor Rick Perry announced he is dropping out of the Republican presidential candidate race according to an article at
Steve Russell

I punched the TV button so hard that in the old days I would have twisted the dial right off, and went looking for cousin Ray Sixkiller....