Mark Fogarty
The federal Government Accountability Office has rapped the Indian Health Service for not setting national standards or overseeing waiting times at its facilities, meaning it canno...
Tanya H. Lee
In 1985, a government report for the first time documented disparities in health and mortality between black and other minority groups in the U.S. and whites...
Politico Cove Day School Arizona Playground
Danika Worthington
At least 19 tribal schools in Arizona went four years or more without the inspections that are supposed to be performed every year by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, according to a r...
Politico Cove Day School Arizona Playground
Tanya H. Lee
No heat, carbon monoxide leaks and persistently dripping ceilings are some of the appalling conditions federal reports have detailed at Bureau of Indian Education schools...
Haskell School of Business Spring 2015
Tanya H. Lee
Students at Haskell Indian Nations University have high aspirations, says President Venida Chenault, Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation, and the university is looking for new resources...
Sen. John Barrasso

Ninety-five million dollars. That’s the amount of money the Southern Ute tribe of Colorado is losing because of Washington’s invasive bureaucracy and overregulation of Indian Country....

Mark Trahant
Perhaps the most powerful phrase in federal rule-making is “… and tribes.” Those two words require agencies to consult and consider the impact of any action on tribal governments a...
Mark Trahant
The Affordable Care Act is known mostly for it’s challenges, but for Indian country the law will shake up what is currently the Indian health system just like an earthquake...
Mark Trahant
As the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, the second half of the decision is the area that directly impacts Indian country the most...
Mark Trahant
Episode 3 of Mark Trahant’s in depth look at the Affordable Care Act focuses on the idea of competition and the lack there of within the Health system – especially the Indian healt...