The Colorado River – which is the lifeblood to 40 million people and no less than 22 tribes – stands to fall at least 3.2 million acre-feet short of its users’ needs by 2060... Read More
The road is long, washboard rough, and dusty, yet cars and busses, lots of them, are moving in both directions... Read More
The Hualapai Tribal Nation has voted to take over the management of the Grand Canyon Skywalk from David Jin, the tourist attraction's Las Vegas-based developer, reported the Associ... Read More
The Hualapai Tribe is demanding an apology from Grand Canyon Skywalk developer David Jin for "racist" comments made by his spokesperson, reported Fox 11 ... Read More
Hualapai Tribal Council members Waylon Honga and Charles Vaughn give their side of the story on the legal controversy surrounding the tribe's Grand Canyon Skywalk , the glass-botto... Read More
The Hualapai Tribal Nation of Northern Arizona, which owns the glass-bottomed observation deck that juts out like a horseshoe over the Grand Canyon, is entangled in a lawsuit with ... Read More
The Hualapai Tribe of Northwest Arizona has opened their 2011 season of Hualapai River Runners, the only one-day whitewater rafting trip through the Grand Canyon... Read More
Last week a stand in for Sonny the Dog, from the movie Due Date , visited with Wilfred Whatoname Jr of the Hualapai Tribe, in preparation for the upcoming DVD release of the movie ... Read More

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