Jon Eagle Sr.

Long ago our ancestors knew the Cannon Ball River as Inyan Wakan Kagapi Wakpa, "River where the sacred stones are made," and they knew the Missouri River as Mni Sose, "Turbulant Water." At the confluence of where those two rivers met was a great whirlpool that created perfectly round stones that...

W. Ron Allen, Lynn Malerba & Jefferson Keel

When the United States government signed treaties with Indian nations in the 1800s, it established a trust relationship to provide certain funding and services in exchange for tribal lands....

Dr. Dean Chavers
As of 1969, Congress had passed 5,000 laws for Indians...
A recent Newsweek feature begins with a well-known Indian country adage, “Don’t get sick after June.” This is because by then the under-funded Indian Health Service has run out of ...
Roger Birdbear

The problems within the Indian Health Service (IHS) are well known. The Senate Special Committee on Indian Affairs held a hearing in February on the problems facing IHS, and have posted a video of the hearing, available on the Committee’s website....

Mike Myers

The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs has gotten around to taking a look at the state of Indigenous health in what is now the Great Plains Region....

Plan B Emergency Contraception
Mary Annette Pember
American Indian and Alaska Native women can now access the emergency contraception pill, Plan B under the same circumstances as their non-Native U.S. sisters...
The federal government is awarding nearly $21 million to 136 tribes and tribal organizations—serving 274 tribes in all—to address domestic violence. The U.S...
Micah Armstrong

For quite some time I have told people, “They’re called reservations for a reason. If the government had any intention of helping our people and lands, they’d be called preservations....