John Christian Hopkins

Well, at least the Boston Herald had the decency to apologize for a blatantly racist cartoon involving ...

John Christian Hopkins

I can close my eyes and remember the day my friend died. I was sitting in the kitchen on the stairs that led to the second floor. It was on the fourth step, where I always sat because it had a large window to my left. 

It was a hot summer day. August 16, 1977....

John Christian Hopkins

There are bad decisions and then there are choices that cause you to scratch your head in confusion....

John Christian Hopkins

No wonder so many famous authors become alcoholics; it can be a lonely, depressing life.

I never chose a writing career, it chose me. I still recall how excited I was to discover my first new word.

It was bat....

John Christian Hopkins

I almost received a new Indian name. It was when Sara and I went to our third Denny's restaurant in three states on the same day. I had been craving Belgian waffles for a week....

John Christian Hopkins

I remember the first time I had to act like a father.

My fiancé—and eventual first ex-wife—worked a couple of nights a week and needed a babysitter. I had lots of experience around kids (my sister has seven), so I figured how hard can it be, right?...

John Christian Hopkins

Well, 2013 started off on a sour note right from the beginning, or do I mean ending? You see I was counting on the world coming to an end, as predicted by Quextifizzle Fo’schizzel, my Mayan Psychic advisor....

John Christian Hopkins

Okay, this is it. I’ve had it, this is the last straw!

Yet again, People magazine snubbed me as its Sexiest Man Alive....

John Christian Hopkins

“Some of you are asking if [the summer session] will end today,” Navajo Nation Council Speaker Johnny Naize said on Wednesday, July 17. “Well, it’s up to you.”

But the odds didn’t look good....

John Christian Hopkins

I never planned to be a failed journalist or a hack writer. Seriously, in my youth, I had big plans that included wealth, women and worldwide fame.

Now I’d settle for a Twinkie and a Diet Coke....