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President Barack Obama hosted a roundtable discussion with members of his administration and Alaska tribal leaders at the Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center in Anchorage, Alaska ...
Stephanie Woodard
A federal court in Anchorage has sided with Alaska Natives who demanded that Alaska provide language assistance to non-English-proficient voters...
Stephanie Woodard
A perfectly timed combination of negotiation and grassroots organizing has allowed numerous Native villages across Alaska to become absentee in-person voting locations for federal ...
Rob Capriccioso
After decades of opposing Alaska Native tribal trust lands, the federal government is taking major steps to once again allow lands to be taken into trust for the 228 tribes in the ...
Rob Capriccioso
John Berrey, chairman of the Quapaw Tribe, is adding himself to a list of Native Americans who are expressing concern about Keith Harper’s nomination to serve as a United Nations a...