Valerie Taliman, West Coast Editor
Standing Rock Sioux Chairman David Archambault II welcomed a delegation of eight Indian nations from Washington State on Tuesday August 30 who joined the growing opposition to the ...
Reefnet fishing originated in the San Juan Islands. A net suspended between canoes simulates a reef. Salmon follow the artificial reef into a scoop net.
Richard Walker
The elders remember the place names told to them by their grandparents’ grandparents, names that identify where certain resources can be found...
Sharlaine LaClair advanced to the general election for the state House of Representatives District 42 in Washington, while Joe Pakootas advanced in the state for the U.S. House District 5 seat.
Richard Walker
Washington voters are one step away from electing another Native American to the state Legislature and sending the former chairman of the Colville Tribes to the U.S...
Lynn Armitage
Many tribes and Native-owned businesses are getting rich the old-fashioned way: through ingenuity and hard work. A little support from the Native community doesn’t hurt, either...
Richard Walker
On June 6, the head of Washington state’s Department of Natural Resources denied a coal export terminal proponent’s application for an aquatic land lease in Lummi Nation’s historic...
Richard Walker
The proponent of a rejected coal shipping terminal in Lummi Nation’s historical territory is “looking at all its options” and “will decide shortly how we plan to proceed,” the comp...
Richard Walker
A Washington state committee will give final consideration in May to changing the name of Squaw Bay, on Shaw Island, to a Lummi Nation place name for the island...