Marc Dadigan
Pit River tribal elder Laura Seal’s connection to the sacred healing waters of Medicine Lake began as an infant...
Marc Dadigan
In what tribal representatives say is a promising sign for their lawsuit , officials from the federal Advisory Council on Historic Preservation announced in a March 24 letter they ...
Marc Dadigan
Amelia Garcia’s tribe, the Chihene Nde of New Mexico, are neighbors to the San Carlos Apache, and they too have traditional ties to the sacred land at the Oak Flat campground in Ar...
Marc Dadigan
A lawsuit filed October 2015 by the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians and the Round Valley Indian Tribes claims California Department of Transportation officials flouted historic ...
Leaving Island Hawaii
Marc Dadigan
This April, Craig Neff was among 31 Native Hawaiians and supporters from around the world who were arrested for blockading the construction crews headed to the summit of the sacred...
Sacred Ground Bosmun Canoe Warriors
Marc Dadigan
In an opening scene of the documentary Profit and Loss, Mike Mercredi, Athabasca Chipewyan, describes how thrilling it was for his teenage self to get a job driving one of the bigg...
Medicine Lake March Signs
Marc Dadigan
In far Northern California, about 30 miles northeast of Mt...
Aryana Henthorne Fence Cultural Sherwood Valley Pomo
Marc Dadigan
As a Tribal Historic and Preservation Officer (THPO), Hillary Renick has to wield the expertise of many fields in order to help protect her tribe’s historical villages, ancestral r...
Lowicha Lake Falls Rock
Marc Dadigan
Lowicha Lake Falls-Rock says he was a troubled young man with a drinking problem, but he found the path to sobriety when he met spiritual leaders who took him to Sundances and Nati...
Ohlone Singers Gold Greed Genocide
Marc Dadigan
Though often romanticized in history textbooks, museum exhibits and government park displays, the Gold Rush era in California is remembered by many California Indians as a time whe...