Cree Actress Imajyn Cardinal in The Saver
Lisa J. Ellwood
The American Indian Film Institute (AIFI) in San Francisco has an illustrious history of presenting stories of Indigenous cultural affirmation, resistance and survival, as well as ...
‘50 Faces of Indian Country 2016’ Magazine
Vincent Schilling
Indian Country Today Media Network is proud to announce its second “50 Faces of Indian Country” magazine, an annual celebration of the diversity and power of Native stars, athletes...
Irene Bedard plays Marci Gippolin in the upcoming movie 'Spreading Darkness.'
Cary Rosenbaum
We’re pleased to report that the next 365 days will be a big year for Natives worldwide at the box office. Here’s your checklist for the upcoming year!...
Magnificent Seven Actor Martin Sensmeier - Sam Emerson/©2016 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc. and Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 
Vincent Schilling
Martin Sensmeier is an American actor of Tlingit, Koyukon-Athabascan and Irish descent...
We're back with another quintet of Indigenous hunks for your enjoyment. Yes, they're accomplished actors (and model-actors), but they're also extremely easy on the eyes...
Chelsey Luger
About a year ago, my friend Thosh and I were hanging out in New York City, where I lived at the time and where he was visiting friends...
Gyasi Ross
I won’t add too much commentary to this newspiece, but one of my Man Crushes Mondays, Martin Sensmeier (Athabascan and Tlingit) recently joined the all-star ensemble cast of the re...
Chelsey Luger
Instagram. Yeah, it can be a massive timewaster (like all social media), but it’s also a powerful platform for sharing fitness inspiration, motivation, and ideas...
Simon Moya-Smith
Native Americans – we’re an eloquent bunch...
Gyasi Ross
One of the implicit job duties of being a writer is that you’re actually supposed to have something interesting to say ...