Lyla June Johnston
Indigenous educators at Native American Community Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico are (once again) taking education to the next level...
Mike Myers

I’m raising the question, “Who defines a culture,” because both settler governments (U.S. and Canada) have been pretty aggressive in trying to force out definitions of certain aspects of our cultures to their satisfaction, particularly in the areas of traditional health and healing....

Katie Bieri/Cronkite News
In a windowless, fluorescent-lit conference room near Capitol Hill, Ani Auld’s hands slowly and rhythmically wound strands of white yarn into a tsiiyéél, a traditional Navajo hair ...
Tradition Performance and Religion in Native America Book Cover
Duane Champagne
What is the difference between a New Ager and a Pan-Indian? This issue may become increasingly important for the future of Indian affairs in the U.S., and perhaps other places...
Vincent Schilling
Considering traditions, language and ceremony have been passed down for many generations in many tribes, there is a lot to learn in the way of culture...
Indigenous Views
Christina Rose
“Hickeys and Cleavage” are the first topics covered in a new online show titled “INDigenous Views” produced by the Lakota Media Project from Manderson, South Dakota, on the Pine Ri...
Ancestry Tree Roots
Duane Champagne
Ethnic Indians who do not have ties to tribal nations form a potential threat to Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous rights...
Lakota elders
Christina Rose
New Age spirituality has been building momentum for more than a century, according to scholars—who don’t like it any more than Native people do...
Duane Champagne
A key to understanding indigenous cultures is that they are holistic in the sense that culture—beliefs, norms, spirituality, and values—are not sharply separated from human social ...