Stephanie Woodard
Tribal elder Dorothy Herman voted in North Dakota for more than 40 years...
Hans Walker Crop
Suzette Brewer
Hans C. Walker Jr., one of the first Native American lawyers to lead the push to enforce tribal treaty rights, died at his home in Alexandria, Virginia, on Sunday, December 20...
Suzette Brewer
As the dust settled from Monday’s Supreme Court hearing in Dollar General v...
Suzette Brewer
This is the second in a series examining Dollar General v...
Suzette Brewer
It was supposed to be the quintessential rite of passage. In the summer of 2003, John Doe did what a lot of teenagers do: He got a job...
Stephanie Woodard
The Native American Rights Fund (NARF) and Alaska have jointly announced an agreement that requires the state to provide translation of election materials and ballots into Gwich’in...
Mark Trahant
President Barack Obama’s visit to Alaska was inspiring...
James Abourezk
Suzette Brewer
Yesterday the Phoenix, Arizona-based Goldwater Institute announced the filing of A.D. v...
Michelle Tirado
Indian attorneys aspire to work for the Native American Rights Fund for many reasons, but the most common is they want to engage in work that has an impact at home and throughout I...