Lyla June Johnston
As a half European and half Navajo woman, I had a difficult time watching the two sides of my ancestry divided...

Starting May 20, a wildfire blazed in the heart of Arizona between tourist lures Sedona and Flagstaff, engulfing more

Vincent Schilling
Alfred Gibson (Navajo), spiritual leader and medicine man, helps Native veterans heal from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) through the “enemy way” ceremony with the support o...
Arizona State University News
Navajo is not only a language that may be learned through classes at Arizona State University, it’s a way for students to reconnect to their culture. “Language is one key thing...
In Navajo there is no such term, specifically, as Earth Day. This is perhaps because to many Indigenous Peoples, every day is Earth Day...

From her Navajo background, Melissa Barnes inherited a gift for transforming cowboy hats into unique art pieces.

Dwanna L. Robertson

When Christine Fallin, daughter of Oklahoma governor, Mary Fallin, released a photo of herself wearing a headdress on March 6, she sparked outrage among people who belong to the 37-plus Native Nations established in Oklahoma and across Indian country, in general....

Notah Begay III

As I sit here listening to my 6-year-old daughter read, I wonder what the future holds for her and the next generation of Navajo children....

Tanya H. Lee
Nearly 70 years have elapsed since the first atomic bomb was dropped—not the ones visited upon Nagasaki and Hiroshima, but the test bombs that were inflicted on unsuspecting New Me...