Vincent Schilling
Soon after a Native mascot image ban at two West Hartford Connecticut high schools in 2015, a Conard Chieftain high school parent alumni created a t-shirt with an image of a Native...
Vincent Schilling
Frank Waln was criticized this week on Twitter by students of a West Hartford high school cheering section who call themselves ‘The Rez.’ Though Waln performed for the high school ...
Vincent Schilling
When Winnipeg radio hosts Tom and Larry posted a “new and improved” and culturally appropriate Chicago Blackhawks logo created by Ojibway artist Mike Ivall on October 29th, the log...
White House Initiative on American Indian Education Listening Tour
Tanya H. Lee
What William Mendoza found during the Department of Education’s first-ever cross-country listening tour was encouraging—schools that were trying to be more sensitive to American In...
Vincent Schilling
Last week the Center for American Progress released a report highlighting the impact of Native mascots and team names on American Indian and Alaska Native youth and proposed key st...
Frequent ICTMN contributor Simon Moya-Smith appeared on Fox News last night to discuss the Washington Redskins and the letter sent by 50 U.S...
Gyasi Ross
"Why me?" "Because you buy your way out of trouble. You're a payer. You did it once, and now you're gonna do it again." Jimmy Shaker, Ransom Danny, I'm a movie nerd...
Vincent Schilling
Considering all of the news Native American people see on a daily basis that is tough to stomach—why not have a bit of fun?...

Both the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos had their share of Native American fans rooting for an NFL championship

It's a simple idea whose time has come: American Indians speaking up about the Washington Redskins team name and mascot...