Lowicha Lake Falls Rock
Marc Dadigan
Lowicha Lake Falls-Rock says he was a troubled young man with a drinking problem, but he found the path to sobriety when he met spiritual leaders who took him to Sundances and Nati...
The Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission has a new leader of its Fishery Science Department, the CRITFC announced on December 12. Zachary L...
The Crow Tribe has received a $655,000 grant for its Yellowtail hydropower project, one of 19 tribes netting 21 grants totaling $3.2 million under the federal Energy and Mineral De...
Terri Hansen
The iconic Chinook salmon, for millennia a cornerstone of Pacific Northwest diet, spirituality, ceremony and even the tribes' economy, is fast becoming toxic in Washington State...
Jack McNeel
Will fish passage be restored from the Columbia River to Canada? Will a 15-tribe coalition significantly influence an international treaty that will last a lifetime?...
Jack McNeel
The death of Dr. Arthur “Art” Taylor (Téewispel’uu) came as a shock to all who knew him. He was still a young man and a leader...

The steelhead’s moment of truth arrived as a team of biologists gathered at the Dworshak Hatchery.

Jack McNeel
The notion of “reconditioning steelhead” might sound outlandish, even a bit ominous, at least when applied to an animal...
Jack McNeel
The Lewis and Clark Expedition spent a considerable amount of time with three tribes during its two-year quest from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean...
Jack McNeel
This Date in Native History: On October 5, 1877, the Nez Perce War officially ended as Chief Joseph rode slowly up a hill at the Bear Paw battlefield to where General Howard and Co...