In the 1990s, JoAnn helped win federal recognition for sacred sites of the  Nez Perce. Above with U.S. Senator Mark Hatfield (R-OR) and Keith Red  Thunder, son of Joe Red Thunder, prominent tribal leader. (Kauffman family collection)
JoAnn Kauffman, a prominent Nez Perce tribe member, overcame a difficult childhood and poverty to become a nationally recognized advocate for Indian health and justice...
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When Chief Phillip Martin came home to Philadelphia, Mississippi in 1955, his people had no more hope than they had when he left four years earlier to serve in the Air Force...
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The welfare program tailored to tribal governments—Tribal TANF—is a critical tool to address the disproportionate poverty in Indian Country....

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How does this history affect life in Cheyenne River today? A visitor’s first impressions can be deceiving. The physical environment is awe-inspiring. The sky casts a presence...
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As the first major federal study of Native housing needs in 15 years nears the finish line, it is clear that improving housing for American Indians and Alaska Natives needs to be a...
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Do you ever get tired of hearing about the plight of the American Redskin? Do you ever get tired of hearing about how pitiful it is to be Native American from our own Native writers, the mainstream American press, and international media outlets? I do. I get pretty sick and tired of it....

In 2013, Business Insider described the Wind River Reservation as the “most depressing and dangerous place to live,” but according to Sunny Goggles, the Northern Arapaho Tribe woul...
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A controversial decision to close an academic center for poverty research in North Carolina has Natives questioning whether the move was politically—or racially—motivated...
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There are no jobs for 90 percent of the population. The average household income is $3,500 a year. About 60 percent of the homes have no water or electricity...
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The True Sioux Hope Foundation , founded by Twila True, Oglala Sioux, and her husband, Alan, is on a mission to bring awareness to the plight on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South...