Tish Leizens
Every year the Miami people invite their family and friends to come together to honor, strengthen and share traditions in Columbia City, Indiana...

Tloke Nahuake, the Salinas family dance circle from Mexico City, wowed the crowds with a performance of the ancient

Tish Leizens
After holding its traditional pow wow this month, the American Indian Movement (AIM) of Michigan is poised to organize a bigger gathering next year to coincide with the 250th anniv...
Iron Thunderhorse
On Saturday, July 21, 2012, ACQTC (The Algonquian Confederacy of the Quinnipiac Tribal Council ), otherwise known as the “Long-Water-Land Nation” held their annual Powwow/Social/Fe...
Tish Leizens
The Roasting Ears of Corn Festival , said to be “Pennsylvania’s Oldest American Indian Gathering” is honoring American Indians once again, August 18 and 19, for the 32 nd year...
This is not the first time we've reported on panicky officials enlisting the help of American Indians in an effort to get Mother Nature to behave ...
Tish Leizens
Buffalo Hills Resort , located in Senacaville, Ohio, is hosting its 1 st Annual Native American Pow Wow , which began on July 26 and ends on July 29...
Jack McNeel
“Alligators in the swamp have no predators,” Jay Paul said. “An alligator is a killing machine. If he thinks it’s edible he’s going to eat it...
Tish Leizens
A pow wow and a health and wellness conference bringing two organizations together for the first time to address issues critical to native communities is set for July 31 to August ...

As we continue to dip into our archives for great photos of summer pow wows, we actually have to stop ourselves from