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Stephanie Woodard
I recently learned more than I expected about the federal judiciary. I’ve been reporting on the continuing brouhaha over a Montana judge’s racist and sexually explicit emails...
Stephanie Woodard
“Thank God for Judge Gonzales Rogers,” said Blackfeet tribal member Lita Pepion, who sits on the board of Indian People’s Action...
Stephanie Woodard
Native voting-rights advocates scored three successes in three cities on one day—January 22, 2014...
Stephanie Woodard
Indian country has responded with anger, dismay and a degree of “we knew it all along” to a federal judicial-oversight panel’s revelations about hundreds of biased emails sent by M...
Stephanie Woodard
They say the cover-up can be worse than the crime, and right now they’re running neck and neck in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the federal court system for the nine westernm...