Carly McIntosh

To the Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women of Canada


As I look into the waters,

I wait slowly as time goes by.

I have to say that I never believed

I would be here, watching my son from the sky...


Mary Annette Pember
Native women and girls with their high rates of sexual assault are particularly vulnerable to sex traffickers. Kevin Koliner, South Dakota Assistant U.S...
Mary Annette Pember
Whiteeagle had had enough...
Terese Mailhot

My auntie says there’s a direct connection between violence against the earth and violence against Indigenous women. I think of my own brown body when she says this, and how it was damaged in childhood and adolescence....

Mary Annette Pember
Sunny Red Bear lost it all but is still standing tall...
Mary Annette Pember
“Not everyone can be like Nelson Mandela...
Mary Annette Pember
I had my first pelvic exam at age 13 in a juvenile detention center. It was a frightening, humiliating experience...
Kristi Eaton
Hundreds of stories from survivors of rape and abuse will be on display at the Oklahoma Capitol on Thursday as part of an effort to draw attention to the high statistics of abuse a...
Mary Annette Pember
“What are you hiding?” the elder asked Rose Domnick. It was a simple question in response to Domenic’s request for help overcoming her mysteriously growing, incapacitating fear...

Calricaraq means (Healthy Living) in Yup’ik and is unlike a