‘50 Faces of Indian Country 2016’ Magazine
In 2015 ICTMN introduced the 50 Faces of Indian Country magazine to celebrate the wealth of talented American Indians across Indian country...
Photos courtesy Sonny Skyhawk
David Rooks
On October 11 in Lincoln, Nebraska, Sonny Skyhawk stood before a committee of the Nebraska Legislature with a clear message: “Whiteclay is the equivalent of the killing fields of o...
‘50 Faces of Indian Country 2016’ Magazine
Vincent Schilling
Indian Country Today Media Network is proud to announce its second “50 Faces of Indian Country” magazine, an annual celebration of the diversity and power of Native stars, athletes...
Photos courtesy Sonny Skyhawk
Gale Courey Toensing
The millions of television viewers who will watch the 88th Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards ceremony tonight might catch a glimpse of a man wearing a long, feathe...
Lisa J. Ellwood
In a recent column, Variety writer Tim Gray says ongoing diversity failure is a reflection of the entire film industry , not just the Academy, and that people of color have had to ...
Vincent Schilling
Sonny Skyhawk, Sicangu Lakota, is the founder of American Indians in Film and Television , an organization founded in 1981 to "create a better understanding of issues pertaining to...
Christina Rose
In the 1970s, Sonny Skyhawk, Lakota, appeared as an extra in the television show Bonanza , in a segment where Indians ransacked and pillaged the dwellings of white people...
Sonny Skyhawk
Our Native people were the first to be photographed and utilized by Thomas Edison, in 1898, as he was perfecting his invention of the Kinetoscope...
An upcoming musical production of Peter Pan, notably featuring Christopher Walken in the role of Captain Hook, has picked actress Alanna Saunders to play Tiger Lily...
Sonny Skyhawk
Some Native people can relate to what is going on in Ferguson, Missouri...