Simon Moya-Smith
Update: As of the afternoon of May 18, the Justice Center was still calling for volunteers to help with search grids...
The public outcry against the Dakota Access Pipeline has been joined by a group of youth, both Native and non-Native, who are running a 500-mile spiritual relay this week from Cann...
Dave Archambault Sr.

On March 9, in a historic landslide vote, South Dakota’s State House Legislators voted 60 to 8 in favor of allowing Governor Dennis Daugaard to use his budget to fund three Indian public schools in searching for and implementation of alternatives to the conventional K-12 schooling model....

Chelsey Luger
In the coming weeks or maybe even days, the U.S...
Jacqueline Keeler
On Monday April 4, TransCanada announced that it has shut down its Keystone pipeline south of Freeman, South Dakota after an oil spill was reported by a local rancher, stating that...
Sarah Eagle Heart
Kristin Butler
Native Americans in Philanthropy (NAP) has revved up its outreach and networking since Sarah Eagle Heart, Oglala Lakota, came on board as its new chief executive officer in fall 20...
ICWA Clients Attorneys
Suzette Brewer
Citing a “fundamental lack of competence,” a federal judge on Friday, February 19 denied South Dakota’s motion to reconsider an earlier decision, which found the state violated the...
Sarah Sunshine Manning
On Friday, the South Dakota House Committee on Education will hear a bill to eliminate the use of “team names, mascots or nicknames that are determined to be racially derogatory or...
Mary Annette Pember
Although the touch of her cane was as light as a feather, the weight of counting coup on Keystone pipeline supporters was heavy with symbolism...
The New Boarding Schools Cover Crop
Lakota People’s Law Project
Following the Lakota People’s Law Project’s comprehensive study demonstrating widespread corruption in South Dakota’s state government, the Department of Justice filed a civil righ...