Mark Fogarty
The Tunica Biloxi Tribe of Louisiana is starting what may be a first-of-its-kind regulatory commission to oversee tribal consumer lending...
Sarah Sunshine Manning
On Saturday, the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribal Council voted to temporarily suspend their marijuana operation. By that evening, their first marijuana crop was in flames...
A Modest Ernie Stensgar Honored by NIGA for Selfless Dedication to Sovereignty
Jack McNeel
After more than three decades of service defending and advancing Indian rights and championing tribal self-reliance, longtime Coeur d'Alene tribal leader Ernie Stensgar is being ho...
Mark Fogarty
Challenges to tribal sovereignty remain one of the most contentious issues in American Indian gaming...
Richard Walker
August 17 was just another summer day, with the sun setting late, and Tim Ballew prepared his gear and set out for Cherry Point, Washington to exercise his treaty-reserved right to...
Steve Russell
The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Santa Clara Pueblo v...
Steve Russell
Julia Martinez is a full-blooded Tewa Indian, a citizen of the Santa Clara Pueblo that has bordered the Rio Grande since the 16th century...
Lynn Armitage
This is a familiar, age-old story, really. It’s about land rights. Boundaries. Debates over sovereignty. Feuds between neighbors. Boycotts. Resistance over taxation...
Steve Russell
If you can’t get your rights protected in the courts of the country where you have been placed by accident of birth, your choices are rebellion or an appeal to international law...