Tanya H. Lee
For Native American Heritage Month this year, First Nations Development Institute asked Dr...
McClain High School - Cowboy Indian
Vincent Schilling
In the wake of a “Trail of Tears” banner McClain High School cheerleaders displayed during a football game Friday October 28th against the Hillsboro Indians, the school issued an a...
Dr. David Pilgrim is the founder and curator of the Jim Crow Museum - YouTube
Konnie LeMay
Dr. David Pilgrim is the founder and curator of the Jim Crow Museum on the Ferris State University campus in Big Rapids, Michigan...
Qristina Cummings

I wasn’t surprised that “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” crossed this particular line and featured “Native-inspired” headdresses and clothing. I am Romani, pejoratively referred to as “Gypsy.”...

Vincent Schilling
Because the upcoming Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens features lead actors and love interests of different races, and because director J.J...
Tara Houska
On September 25, 2015, Blumhouse Productions will release a film titled “The Green Inferno,” directed by Eli Roth...
Washington, DC – The National Congress of American Indians President Brian Cladoosby released the following response in reaction to Governor Mike Huckabee’s quote: “This week I lea...
Simon Moya-Smith
An Air Force General resigned last week after he commented that a fellow officer appeared to be “drunker than 10,000 Indians.” Major General Michael A...
Evie Ruddy, Briarpatch Magazine
Editor’s Note: Last month a jury acquitted a man accused of murdering an indigenous sex worker in an Edmonton hotel room, despite the four-inch-long laceration inside her vagina th...
Onondaga Nation
The Nation regards the depiction of natives as mascots defamatory to our people...