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U.S. presidential history has given us many Indian fighters. Andrew Jackson of Indian Removal fame is in a class by himself...
The third and final presidential debate between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was more of the same routine.
Steve Russell
As I waited for the last presidential debate of the 2016 silly season, my mind wandered to one of my worst political predictions...
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A failure to vote for Donald Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton, and a failure to vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for Donald Trump...
Steve Russell
Dangerous Minds published a photo essay on a new Halloween idea, Trumpkins . Carving a Trump jack-o-lantern starts out with the right color...
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Justice weeps with the passing of Jack Greenberg, a towering figure in the mainstream Civil Rights Movement, whose life stood against every bit of racial insanity that polluted and...
Steve Russell

I’ve recently come from the Native American Journalists Association meeting in New Orleans and, as usual, NAJA brings freedom of the press within Indian Country front and center....

Both candidates circled back repeatedly to their talking points, and it’s now a month until the election—late enough that repeating talking points is no longer reportage.
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All commentators agree on one fact in this generally fact-free election cycle: Donald J...
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In the criminal justice system, we speak of “charging for the use of the courtroom,” or “charging rent” for short. If that does not get your attention, it should, because you pay taxes to keep courtrooms and judges available if you need them....

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In the picture above, meet Safari, now called Sammy...
Democratic vice-presidential nominee Sen. Tim Kaine, left, answers a question as Republican vice-presidential nominee Gov. Mike Pence listens.
Steve Russell
We are unlikely to see another William Henry Harrison, the old Indian fighter who was elected on the strength of his defeat of Tecumseh’s Rebellion and served for 30 days, 12 hours...