Frank Hopper
Genocide stole our Native languages and replaced them with shame...
Frank Hopper
For much of the year the jet stream brings one rain system after another to Southeast Alaska, feeding the largest temperate rainforest in the world, the Tongass, ancestral home of ...
Tattoo Artist Nahaan Healing Feather
Frank Hopper
Tlingit tattoo artist Nahaan remembers he was living in Hawaii in 2007 when his Tlingit grandmother called and asked him if he knew who he was...
Halibut Hook Wolf Spirit
Frank Hopper
Once, Native sacred objects were secure. No one stole them. They were alive with the tribe’s spirit and to steal one was not theft, but kidnapping...
Paula Dobbyn
Mist and drizzle drenched Hydaburg, Alaska, in July as tribal citizens and guests gathered for a powerful display of culture...
Frank Hopper
Landless. To the modern world it describes a social category. To the ancient Tlingit it described a spiritual disability...
Wayne Price Working Yax Te Totem Pole
Alysa Landry
For nearly three quarters of a century, the Yax té totem has stood sentry over what once was a small shoreline village in southeast Alaska...
Alaska Native Brotherhood Grand Camp 1929
Frank Hopper
My earliest memory of Seattle is of sitting underneath our front porch in Georgetown...
Frank Hopper
Editor's note: This is the second part of a personal narrative that began with Frank Hopper's "How Sacred Objects Heal: A Tlingit's Journey, Part I" ...