Mark R. Day
Who is best qualified to tell the story of the California Spanish missions that stretch from Baja California in Mexico to Northern California?...
Mark R. Day
On July 16, 1769, the Spanish Franciscan friar Junipero Serra planted a cross and founded the Mission San Diego near the Kumeyaay village of Nipawai...
Steve Russell
President Barack Obama has signed an executive order expanding a Marine National Monument containing sites with great significance to Native Hawaiians...
Steve Russell
The latest science on the depopulation of the UNESCO World Heritage Site at the Cahokia Mounds , located in the Mississippi River floodplain near St...
Steve Russell
You can’t steal something that has no owner, and this obvious fact was the moral cover for virtually all of the real estate in the Americas—the so-called New World—becoming owned b...
Hans Tammemagi
The Sahtu Dene emerged from Great Bear Lake and have lived perched at its edge since time immemorial, caring for their surroundings and maintaining what Dene legend says is a livin...
Steve Russell
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is in charge of explaining our planet to space aliens. Everybody who has traveled in the U.S...
Steve Russell
UNESCO world heritage sites in Indian country are in danger, and most of those sites are historically or spiritually important to the indigenous peoples living nearby...
Dominique Godrèche
The huge Native presence at the United Nations COP 21 climate talks in Paris was in line with the intimate relationship that these diverse cultures have with the environment...
Mary Annette Pember
The story of Rachel Dolezal, a white woman posing as an African American, shines a light on the strange practice of ethnic fraud...