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Ada Claire
Indian Country began as a legal term of art: A series of fixed jurisdictional spaces codified by U.S. Code...
Katie Bieri/Cronkite News
In a windowless, fluorescent-lit conference room near Capitol Hill, Ani Auld’s hands slowly and rhythmically wound strands of white yarn into a tsiiyéél, a traditional Navajo hair ...
Rosemary Richmond
Alex Ewen
Rosemary Richmond passed on to the spirit world on October 29, 2015, after a brief hospitalization in Norwalk, Connecticut...
University of Arizona Connectedness Study
Lee Allen
How do you define “home?” “Home is where one starts from” is one explanation, while another states, “Our feet may leave home, but not our hearts.” Where you call home is especially...
Duane Champagne
In recent years a new theoretic argument of transcultural or transnational movement has emerged within academic literature...
Duane Champagne
Indians use a variety of strategies to manage their life prospects and identities...
Duane Champagne
More than two-thirds of American Indians are now living off reservation in urban areas...
Ralph Forquera and Polly Olsen

Urban Indians are not new to the urban scene, as New York Times reporter Timothy Williams suggested in his article, "Quietly, Indians Reshape Cities and Res...

Carol Berry
A 37-year-old statute has dictated the relationship between Colorado’s government and the state’s Native residents, while never fully addressing the concerns of today’s growing urb...