Just four months into his fourth term, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, died Tuesday from complications related to cancer. He was 58 years old... Read More
Venezuelan officials have denied initial reports of a massacre of Yanomami people by illegal gold miners that allegedly occurred in early July and which, because of the remoteness ... Read More
Illegal gold miners from Brazil may have killed dozens of Yanomami people in a remote area of the Venezuelan Amazon, according to reports from an indigenous organization there... Read More
Part of the celebrations on the Day of Indigenous Resistance in Venezuela on October 12, 2011, included the announcement that the Federal Government was returning more than 39,000 ... Read More
For one Warao indigenous community in Venezuela the last 13 days have been filled with health issues... Read More
April 22, 2011
On April 19, indigenous people throughout Brazil, Paraguay and Venezuela, gathered to celebrate American Indigenous International Day... Read More
It was a Friday in early July when Venezuelan authorities reportedly barged into the Caracas apartment of Ana Maria Abreu, a doctor who had been working in the presidential palace ... Read More