Superman settling in for his afternoon shift

Eagle Eggs Expected to Hatch in Time for Easter

March 29, 2013

Recently on Santa Catalina Island, California a majestic bald eagle laid three eggs that are scheduled to hatch this Easter weekend!

The Pet Collective’s YouTube page is streaming incredible, live footage featuring lifemates and soon-to-be parents Wray, a 27-year-old female from British Columbia, and K01 (affectionately nicknamed “Superman”), a 13-year-old male hatched at the San Francisco Zoo and released onto Catalina when he was 12 days old.

In late February and early March, Wray laid her three eggs in the pair's cliffside nest overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Eagle eggs incubate for about 35 days, marking at least one of these beloved eagle chicks to be born over Easter weekend.

Watch the live streaming Eagle Cam here:

Since 1967 the bald eagle has seen a dramatic recovery and was officially removed from the endangered species in 2007.