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Shoni Schimmel Countdown: How Long Must We Wait for 2015 WNBA Season?


Before you know it, Shoni Schimmel will be back on the court, shooting hoops for the Atlanta Dream -- her 2015 debut is just six short months away.

On Thursday, the Dream announced that its first game of the 2015 season will begin on the road against the New York Liberty on June 5. The team will play its first home game on Sunday, June 7, against the Connecticut Sun.

James Bowman, who analyzed the Dream’s 2015 schedule, predicted that one of Schimmel’s biggest games would be on June 19 against the Chicago Sky. Not only will it be Native American Heritage Night, but the team will play against one of their rival opponents. A team they lost to last year in the playoffs.

“Shoni Schimmel made a big impression and drew crowds all across the league last season," Bowman wrote. "If Schimmel draws a big crowd in Atlanta like she did at the All-Star Game in Phoenix in 2014, she'll want to give them a big game to go with it. She'll definitely be up for this game." 

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Take a look at the new schedule by clicking here.

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