Hip-hop artist Frank Waln, Lakota, is one of several Native American musicians and activists featured in MTV's "Rebel Music: Native America."

VIDEO: MTV Releases New Episode of ‘Rebel Music: Native America,’ Highlighting Native Lives Matter, #MMIW

Simon Moya-Smith

MTV released a second episode of "Rebel Music: Native America" on Thursday, narrowing in on the Native Lives Matter movement as well as the campaign to raise awareness of the thousands of missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada.

Creator Nusrat Durrani referred to the episode as the "true, awe-inspiring story of Frank Waln, Inez Jasper, Mike Cliff, Nataani Means and other indigenous youth." He added that the 30-minute-long show demonstrates how Native Americans today are "throwing off the shackles of the past and fighting to reinvent their future."

The episode also features a cameo by activist and attorney Chase Iron Eyes of Last Real Indians.

Watch the new episode here:

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