Video: Fashion Meets Poetry in ‘Love Letter’ to Bethany Yellowtail’s Inner Rez Girl


Bethany Yellowtail launched her new fashion collection, Mighty Few, about a month ago, and now she’s teamed up with poet Tazbah Rose Chavez for a video that conveys the rez girl experience with music, poetry and stirring visuals shot on several reservations.

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Yellowtail describes Chavez as not only a poet but a “producer, boss lady, and total bad ass” as well. “After many conversations about identity, femininity, cultural appropriation and the complexities of being an indigenous woman, we decided to create a B.Yellowtail short film to tell our story,” she recalls on her blog. The film also includes images and footage from Thosh Collins’ shoot of the Mighty Few collection starring models Jade Willoughby and Martin Sensmeier, and relied heavily on the skills of director of photography and editor D.E. Hyde to pull it all together. The result is below, a piece Yellowtail calls “a love letter to my inner rez girl”:  

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