Photo by Alex Hamer
Paddlers enjoyed the support for Global Canoe shown at one of the piers.

Global Canoe Paddles for Indigenous Voices [10 Images]

Alex Hamer

As the Paris Agreement was being signed at the United Nations in New York City on Earth Day, April 22, Global Canoe continued its mission to have indigenous leaders included as decision makers in climate change agreements. Global Canoe first cut through the waves on the Seine River in Paris during the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21). Enough attention was raised—using #PaddletoParis—to have indigenous leaders participate in climate change discussions, but they are still not able to participate in agreements that directly affect indigenous people and their land titles.

The North Brooklyn Boat Club provided a means for Global Canoe to access the East River in New York City and paddle towards the U.N. Indigenous leaders from Indonesia (AMAN), Mesoamerica (AMBP), the Amazon Region (COICA), as well as a delegation from the Onondaga Nation participated.

Preamble of the International Treaty to Protect and Restore Mother Earth. (Photo by Alex Hamer)

-gyavvstees, Kwakwawakwiwak, is seen here giving an offering during the pre-paddle ceremony. (Photo by Alex Hamer)

Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. listening to his co-leaders speak. (Photo by Alex Hamer)

Mina Setra, of Indonesia, signing the International Treaty to Protect and Restore Mother Earth. (Photo by Alex Hamer)

Candido Mezua, Embera Nation, Panama is seen holding a watershed map and a print drawn by Oren Lyons. (Photo by Alex Hamer)

One of the larger canoes departing for the U.N. (Photo by Alex Hamer)

The NYPD intercepts the canoes preventing them from reaching the shore. (Photo by Alex Hamer)

A canoe with the Onondaga delegation raises their paddles one last time in front of the U.N. and NYPD. (Photo by Alex Hamer)

Canoes participating in Global Canoe gathered just before heading back to the boat club. (Photo by Alex Hamer)

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