Cherokee Nation
Cherokee Elder Lena Blackbird grew up in a two-room house. In this video she talks about simple pleasures growing up Cherokee.

Video: Cherokee Elder Talks Stealing Pumpkins and Mail Order Chickens


Cherokee Elder Lena Blackbird grew up in a two-room house and laughed when she said: “When we were young, we had a small house and I don’t know how we slept in there, there were so many of us.”

She tells viewers about the simple pleasures she and her siblings enjoyed growing up, like making their own dolls out of cloth and string, and being pulled by one of their older brothers in a wagon, or playing in the creek.

They would go night fishing and eat what they caught the next day. She told a story about their mother sending them to ask a neighbor for a pumpkin to make pies, when the neighbor wasn’t home, they just took one, well they were eventually caught when the neighbor stopped by.

“We didn’t get a spanking, but we got a good talking to,” she said.

Blackbird said her family ordered chickens from a catalog. “In about four to six weeks they would arrive in the mail, and that’s how we got our chickens, and we all helped take care of them… and when they grew up, we ate them,” she laughed.

Hear everything she has to say here:

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