Featured Photo: Regalia Confronts Boarding School Fallout

Featured Photo: Regalia Confronts Boarding School Fallout



While chatting at the kitchen table, Celeste Pedri-Spade and Leanna Marshall, two working mothers and artists, realized they were both working on art linked to family and community history. They have since merged their work into a two-month long exhibition at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery in Ontario, Canada that runs through early September.

Photographs and family histories inspired these Anishinabekwe, Ojibwe women, to create The Teaching is in The Making: Re(Store)ied Memories of Anishinabeg.

It was a relationship with a photograph of her grandmother that inspired Pedri-Spade. “It started with a photograph of my grandmother taken back in 1962,” she said. “It was taken of her in Kashabowie, and she was pregnant with my mother in the photograph. I hadn’t seen her at that age before. When I was gifted this photo years back, it was like someone gave me a bar of gold.”

In a dream, Pedri-Spade was given a vision to create regalia items out of photographs of her family and ancestors. As she created the work, she found her relationship to her ancestors growing stronger.
Read more about the women behind the artwork in the story below:

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This image was featured in this week’s Indian Country Today Media Network newsletter.

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