Marion County Museum of History and Archaeology
This 20-foot canoe was pulled from Owens Lake in Florida.

Pulled From the Depths: Boy Finds a Native Canoe While Diving

September 23, 2013

A 7-year-old boy and his grandfather spotted a piece of wood while scuba diving in Owens Lake in Florida, reported Bay News Channel 9. Owens Lake is in Marion County, Florida, about 90 miles west of Tallahassee.

It turned out to be a 20-foot-long dugout canoe that archaeologists believe is hundreds of years old.

Once the canoe is preserved, which could take up to a year, it will be donated to the Marion County Museum of History and Archaeology in Ocala, Florida.

There are two federally recognized tribes in Florida—the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians and the Seminole Tribe—and no state recognized tribes.