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Native Humor: Top Ten Signs You May Be Native


Here's a hashtag that got red-hot on Twitter about two days ago—the Jeff Foxworthy-ish "You May Be Native If." Native American Tweeters were all over it, tossing out hundreds of signifiers of Nativeness. We combed through them all, noted which ones got the most retweets and favorites, and narrowed it down to these 10 (credits follow the list). Enjoy!

Top Ten Signs You May Be Native

10. #YouMayBeNativeIf you have more cousins than you know.

9. #YouMayBeNativeIf you have a nickname and nobody calls you by your real one. Or knows it.

8. #YouMayBeNativeIf you're still wearing basketball shorts even though it's winter.

7. #YouMayBeNativeIf you've never actually "bought" a dog—they just showed up at your house.

6. #YouMayBeNativeIf you know that the real overpriced spring event is Gathering of Nations, not Coachella.

5. #YouMayBeNativeIf you hear "Hey Victor" and laugh.

4. #YouMayBeNativeIf you've got that mean mug down to where people don't wanna talk to you. They don't even wanna approach you.

3. #YouMayBeNativeIf you have an opinion on whether it's called a Navajo taco or an Indian taco.

2. #YouMayBeNativeIf you or someone close to you has ever seen Bigfoot.

1. #YouMayBeNativeIf you've had someone tell you they are some percentage Cherokee.

Credits: @GWLeah (10, 5), @Native_Hashtags (9), @_Native_Life (8, 7, 4), @D_Satanus (6), @tpcreepinhumor (3), @unsuperjay (2), @N8Dick (1)

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Liza's picture
Submitted by Liza on

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
I think we've ALL heard #10! What is it with the Cherokee that everyone wants to be a princess for them?

Robert Roy Ervin
Submitted by Robert Roy Ervin on
#YouMayBeNative if you really are Cherokee mixed blood but are afraid to admit it because "everyone wants to be Cherokee"

askanindian's picture
Submitted by askanindian on
lol yeah I hated Westerns growing up and I never really watched anything with Indians in it because I didn't like television anyway and I knew it just made people stupid. Everyone has a Cherokee grandmother.

jenbellelaide's picture
Submitted by jenbellelaide on
#1 all the f-in time. And I AM Cherokee, but apparently so is every blonde girl who asks 'what' I am. SMH.

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
Ha! I never considered what it must be like for the REAL Cherokee who MUST grow tired of everyone saying they're part Cherokee. Being part Sioux is next in line from all the people who have "admitted" having Native blood to me. Why is it no one every claims to be part Apache, or part Coeur d'Alenem, or part Pawnee, or part Hopi? Does it have anything to do with the Cherokee being one of the five "civilized" tribes?

Shotgun John's picture
Shotgun John
Submitted by Shotgun John on
My ancestory is English- Irish- Scots- Welsh- Cherokee- German- Choctaw. The other day someone asked my what I consider myself to be. I replied, "Good Looking."

Mk Ell
Mk Ell
Submitted by Mk Ell on
My great grandfather was Mohawk, the rest of my family is Irish and English.

Wanda Charlotte Mundy
Wanda Charlotte...
Submitted by Wanda Charlotte... on
I am of 1st Nations descent (Heiltsuk) through my Grandmother - and I've always wondered about the Cherokee thing, myself. Especially the "Princess" part - given that we didn't really have "royalty," as such . . . I mean - why alway a "Princess" ?!? Why never a Duke, or Baron, or Prince, or Earl ?!?

Teresa Mayer
Submitted by Teresa Mayer on
#1 is even worse if you don't actually know your full herritage other than the part of the continent they originated from because of adoption. I get the whole, "What tribe are you from?" all the time and when I can't tell them anything beyond being a quarter Mexican-Indian because my mom was adopted, they almost always respond with "Ah. You must be Cherokee then. That's so cool." It's NOT cool. It's really pissed me off and its disrespectful and ignorant.Though I'd be happy just to know that I belong somewhere, that I have a herritage, that I know my history, but it's not even the correct location. I'm proud of what I know about my herritage because I know the struggles our people have gone through, but it really bothers me to not know where the traditions that should've been passed down to us so that we can continue them, to not know whether I have more family out there, to not know where my family came from on my mom's side besides a general geographic location and the last name of her mother which is so common as to be laughable. People just don't get that and to respond that you must be Cherokee because, of course, EVERYONE who's native in any way must be Cherokee, is so incredibly rude, ignorant, and blantantly disrespectful of our people and the differences that make us unique.

Brenda Jacobs-Moss
Submitted by Brenda Jacobs-Moss on
Yes Cherokee or Black Foot "with long straight black hair, just like your!" I have never met a true Black Foot, do they exist?

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