Marvel Comics, via Bleeding Cool
Marvel Comics, via Bleeding Cool

Comic Book Experts: Red Wolf Will Get His Own Marvel Comics Series


Comic book news site Bleeding Cool reports that Marvel Comics is likely to give Red Wolf, a Native American character, his own series as part of the company's "All New, All Different" facelift:

If there was any doubt that a series was coming…

Marvel Comics has just applied to register a trademark for the words “Red Wolf” for “comic books; printed periodicals in the field of comic book stories and artwork”

As the adage goes, they use it or they lose it.

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Many comics readers who've noticed Red Wolf in Marvel's recent promotional materials have asked "Who is Red Wolf"? And additionally, Native readers have wondered why he wears stereotypical Hollywood Indian clothing in the year 2015.

As one Bleeding Cool commenter puts it: "He's no Dani Moonstar."

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Russell Bates
Russell Bates
Submitted by Russell Bates on
Why is it, when almostall of Marvel's characters and asuperhero characters are SO-O-O-O 21st Century, that a Native American character is mired in the 19th Century? Was Spiderman's arachnid attacker built by Madame Curie? Is Iron Man more appropriately Bronze Man? Comparatively, Marvel would dress Pres. Barack Obama in a tricorn hat, knickers, and a powdered wig! THINK how out of place in time and circumstance would a 19th Century Red Wolf appear if he fought alongside The Avengers?