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One of the suggested images for a proposed American Indian memorial in front of the American Embassy in Moscow.

Indians Killed in American Genocide Memorialized in Moscow?

Mary Annette Pember

The Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation recently announced a proposal to build a memorial commemorating the genocide of American Indians in front of the American Embassy in Moscow. (According to the Observer the Civic Chamber of Russian Federation is comparable to U.S. House Committee on Oversight in the U.S.)

Civic Chamber member Valery Korovin told the Observer, “This monument must become the silent reproach of the modern American elites which had significantly deviated from the idealistic principles that were laid into the foundation of the American state.”

Although the Federation is planning to forward the proposal to President Vladimir Putin’s administration, the form of and funding for the memorial are vague.

Vladimir Larin, a video blogger in Moscow, and a handful of friends, got the idea for the memorial after learning of the Ukraine famine memorial unveiled in Washington D.C. last year.

The 1932-33 famine, known by Ukrainians as Holodomor or “death by hunger,” came about, many historians say, when Russian dictator Joseph Stalin deliberately starved them in reprisal for their resistance to Soviet collectivism policies.

The bronze sculpture depicts stalks of wheat symbolizing the seizure of Ukrainian grain by the Soviets and is located near the U.S. Capitol.

“The U.S. is always looking for ways to promote its work in world democracy and decrying Russia’s wrongdoing,” Larin told ICTMN via Skype. “They ignore the genocide against the American Indians that they committed in creating their own country.”

Larin and friends put the proposal before the Civic Chamber and are encouraged that the project is receiving some media recognition. Now they hope to gather funding and support through Crowdfunding. They also hope that Native peoples in the U.S. will support their efforts by suggesting a design for the memorial and sending videos to create more public awareness about the memorial. Larin’s fellow memorial creators are video bloggers, filmmakers and web designers.

“Perhaps a wealthy American Indian will support us,” he suggested.

Larin has created a Facebook page featuring a couple of suggested images, one of an especially red-complexioned Plains-style Native.

Russians have a special place in their hearts for the American Indian, according to Larin.

“We know what it is to have your land invaded and destroyed,” he said.

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verncox's picture
Submitted by verncox on
Excuse me. Will this carry the same fame or infamy as the "Quana Parker" memorial. America honored a "bastard chief" of a captured/kidnapped farm GIRL. We honor the product of a violent race of aborigine and then you have the gaul to call what was done to you as genocide. Aborigines did the same. We were attacked by "Geronimos and Crazy Horses" not Cochises or Sitting Bulls. They went up against "government leaders" the other idiots were terrorists to the innocents who took it upon themselves to lash out against people who were given permission in good faith.

Elena Reiter
Submitted by Elena Reiter on
In Ukraine, there was no the Holodomor. There was a famine was a great famine throughout the country. A pestilence the people of Ukraine have made themselves. They're just very greedy. They hid the the grain of wheat in the ground. The wheat fell ill poisonous fungus. People died from the disease, but not from famine.

cemeheeb's picture
Submitted by cemeheeb on
@John Geary Hitler and his fashist army does not divide us. Every ethnos lived in USSR was called Russian.

tmsyr11's picture
Submitted by tmsyr11 on
Quite obvious a collective "Soviet" attempt at feeding the political frenzy of "Cold War II". Only with this game, anything and everything is on the table which includes American Indian affairs and other 'race-based' affairs.

IroquoisToxins's picture
Submitted by IroquoisToxins on
@verncox Okay first of all we weren't violent, most of us only attacked when we were attacked first. Second of all what was done to us was genocide and we didn't do the same thing because we didn't systematically kill large amounts of European Americans/Canadians compared to what the Europeans did. Also Geronimo and Crazy Horse weren't terrorists, the European Americans were, the settlers deserved everything they got for encroaching on indigenous hunting land owned in common by various tribes. You say Cochise and Sitting Bull went up against "government leaders" but Cochise also killed settlers to in a long series of retaliatory skirmishes and raids on the white settlements and ranches where European Americans lived, Sitting Bull probably didn't kill any colonists because he never came in contact with them, but there's without a doubt that if he had, he would have killed them along with the U.S. soldiers.